First dental appointment

We want your first dental appointment to be pleasant, especially because we know that not everyone likes to come to the dentist. Here's what you can expect on your first visit.

Preparing your visit

Remember the last time you had a special guest over for dinner? We also want your first dental appointment to be memorable, and that's why the visit starts to be prepared before you even arrive at the clinic.

We want to know what brings you to our "home", to make sure that all minutes are well used. It is therefore important that you tell us your expectations when you book your first dental appointment.

primeira consulta dentista - mesa de jantar
primeira consulta dentista - mesa de jantar

Diagnosis, without "judgments"

On the first dental appointment we will be particularly attentive to your motivations and concerns. We will make a meticulous assessment, without "judgments", collecting all the necessary information for the diagnosis of your case.

We want to answer your questions, especially the topics that most concern you and, if necessary, build a tailored treatment plan. We will not propose treatments that you do not need.

Digital technology

We are equipped with the most modern diagnostic aids, namely the iTero® intra-oral scanner, digital radiography, CBCT-CT, intra-oral camera, so that all the necessary information is collected immediately, for your convenience. Your time is valuable and will be used in the best way.

And now, what's next?

Come and meet us. To schedule your first dental appointment, call us at +351 217908095, send an email to or fill out the online form to request a booking.

We hope to see you soon!

Want to schedule you first dental appointment in Lisbon?

We want to help, please contact us for more information.

"The whole team is fantastic, friendly and super available. The facilities are as tranquilizing and comfortable as possible, that we forget that it's a dentist's office.
If someone asks me for references for consultations with children, I also refer to Dr Pedro Garrido Figueiredo, after all, I have a daughter who asks me to go to the dentist!"

- Vanessa Farinha
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