Conditions and treatment plan

We design a dental treatment plan tailored to you and carefully define steps to meet your availability.

We understand that the financial aspect is one of of our patients' concerns. Because your oral health is our top priority, we want to ensure the best treatments that dentistry has to offer today, without sacrificing on quality, materials or comfort. We believe that the cost of our treatments reflects the quality, level of training, and over 20 years of expertise of our team.

Whenever necessary, for patients with insurances, we facilitate the completion of forms and prepare reports to ease the whole process of analysis, approval and reimbursement.

For each patient, after the first appointment, we prepare an individualized dental treatment plan, which can be divided into several stages and adapted to each situation. If necessary, rely on our assistance to find the most appropriate payment option.

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"There are medical specialties in which I do not settle for anything less than complete expertise, skill, hygiene and reputation. Considering that Dental Care / Orthodontics are part of that restricted list, my choice and trust lie with Dr. Pedro Garrido de Figueiredo, who has been my dentist for over 12 years and where I go regularly and always feel well taken care of."

- Estela Viegas
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