What makes us different

We understand that not everyone likes to come to the dentist. To make you feel confident and secure about dental treatments, we have prepared a warm, friendly and relaxed environment, located in the center of Lisbon near Amoreiras / Rato

Passion and empathy, no "judgments"

You will notice that we are passionate about what we do, and that's why you will experience a different dental care. We are here for you and will do everything to make you feel comfortable and at ease.

We want to be more than just a contact on your agenda to call when you feel discomfort while eating, need to treat a cavity, straighten your teeth, or get an implant. We build a relationship of trust with our patients that holds us all responsible for their oral health and well-being.

We value the relationship with our patients. We want a simple visit to the dentist to become a differentiated experience to ensure that you can trust us with your smile.

If you have been postponing that dentist appointment, remember that it is never too late to take care of your oral health. We don't make "judgments" about your oral health care. More than just "mouths", we treat people, we support families and want to make a difference. If you have questions, we invite you to read our best business card: the testimonials of our patients.

Minimally invasive dentistry

We take you smile seriously. Because we believe that natural teeth are precious, our clinical practice is based on the principles of Biomimetic Dentistry, seeking to restore damaged structures as much as possible and conserving the integrity of the natural tooth as best as possible.We use of state-of-the-art materials with similar characteristics and technology that ensures maximum comfort, safety, and efficiency in all treatments.

We offer a service of excellence with everything that Dentistry has at its disposal today to respond to the most demanding treatments. We work as part of a multidisciplinary clinical team, constantly undergoing training, with over twenty years of experience, which we are now making available to you in the areas of Orthodontics, Implantology, and Prosthetics, Biomimetic Dentistry, Dental Esthetics, Periodontology, Endodontics and Oral Hygiene.

Information enthusiast

Count on us to clarify all doubts and questions. We share all the information and options for each treatment so that you can make the best decisions for your oral health.

And because we also learn from our patients, whenever necessary, we "leave" Lisbon, and resort to support from a national and international network of colleagues for treatment planning.

Tratamentos dentário - resposta a perguntas

Availability and flexibility located in Lisbon near Amoreiras / Rato

We have a flexible schedule that allows you to combine dental care with your availability. We leave you our contacts to ensure that your emergency will never go unanswered.

We are located in the center of Lisbon - close to Amoreiras / Rato - 30 minutes from Lisbon International Airport, in an area served by most means of transport, such as bus, taxi, subway (Rato station - yellow line). If you come by car you can use street parking (EMEL spots) or use Ginásio Clube Português parking and Edge Park - Espaço Amoreiras..

We count on your commitment, count on our work

We ask only that you attend scheduled appointments and do not miss the review/maintenance dates. There are several treatments, namely Orthodontics and Rehabilitation, that can become more prolonged, so it is important "not to abandon the boat" to ensure that your investment in dental care "does not go to waste".

We believe that, with your commitment and our work, we will meet your expectations and make an excellent treatment that will accompany you for many good years.

Looking for dental care in Lisbon?

We want to help, please contact us for more information.

"My experience with dentists has never been peaceful. Returning to a dentist's chair, trusting treatments, trusting the person treating me, understanding the reason for my treatments and respective plan, was only possible thanks to the professionalism, skill, art and care in the doctor-patient relationship that Dr. Pedro Figueiredo had with me."

- Pedro Luz
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