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Pedro Garrido de Figueiredo - Dentist in Lisbon

Pedro Garrido de Figueiredo - Dentista em Lisboa

Invisible Orthodontics

Nobody needs to know that you use an appliance to straighten your teeth.

Based on a rigorous diagnosis, we combine our experience with 3D digital technology and propose transparent or nearly “invisible” teeth aligners as an alternative to conventional braces.

Biomimetic Dentistry

Your natural teeth are precious.

We strive to preserve healthy dental structures and restore the function and biomechanics of the natural dentition.

Pediatric Dentistry

Working with families is a fundamental part of our practice. Our goal is to educate your children about proper dental care throughout the phases of youth, to encourage lifelong healthy habits. We also monitor the development of the jaws, avoiding malocclusions and unnecessary future treatments.

Prosthodontics and Implants

With the use of veneers, crowns, and dentures, we restore both appearance and function.

We take a detailed approach for each case. Dental implants offer a safe natural-looking solution for replacing a missing tooth or teeth.

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Dr. Pedro is a very attentive, competent and dedicated professional. Facing a delicate situation, an occlusion problem, Dr. Pedro had the patience, understanding and skill to carry out an excellent job. He is an excellent professional that I recommend to anyone who wants to meet a reliable dentist. Thank you.
- Vera HSGoogle Review

They are all fantastic! Their kindness, dedication and professionalism is an inspiration! I have been going to Dr. Pedro since 2010 and he is the only dentist where I will continue to go. I highly recommend - especially because I am very scared and everyone in the clinic is super attentive and takes all precautions with patients.
- Ana SacaduraGoogle Review

Exceptional and Awesome Dentist!!! I was on holiday in this beautiful city (Lisbon) when I started feeling a strong pain in my teeth, I was desperate for the pain, so I started looking for a dentist, and I was very lucky to find Dr. Pedro and his staff, really professional and exceptional, they taken my case urgently ,explaining exactly the work to be done and solving it promptly, and so I could finish my holidays… A big thank you to Dr. Pedro you are awesome!!!!
- Maurizio Bozzuto
Google Review

There are medical specialties in which I do not settle for anything less than complete expertise, skill, hygiene and reputation. Considering that Dental Care / Orthodontics are part of that restricted list, my choice and trust lie with Dr. Pedro Garrido de Figueiredo, who has been my dentist for over 12 years and where I go regularly and always feel well taken care of.
- Estela Viegas
Google Review