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Our greatest reward is patient satisfaction and the best business card of any dentist is their testimonials, which hold us responsible every day to do more and better.

With so many dental clinics in Lisbon, it can be difficult to choose the best dentist for your dental treatment. Here we share patient recommendations to help you make the right decision.

"My experience with dentists has never been peaceful. The offices, the chairs and the instruments used were always reminiscent of the traumas of poorly conducted treatments in childhood. Returning to a dentist's chair, trusting treatments, trusting the person treating me, understanding the reason for my treatments and respective plan, was only possible thanks to the professionalism, skill, art and care in the doctor-patient relationship that Dr. Pedro Figueiredo had with me."

Thanks a lot to the entire team! See you soon!"

Pedro Luz

"If half of the professionals we meet in our daily lives enjoyed and valued their work as much as Dr. Pedro and his team do, the world would be a much better place and we would all be much happier.

Here, I find professionals who know what they're doing, who enjoy doing it, who care about their patients, and who are always willing to explain, accompany, advise, and support, no matter what time it is or what is needed.

After over 15 years of chronically incorrect treatments, hopping from dentist to dentist in search of one who met acceptable requirements for me to return more than once, and avoiding the dentist's office due to accumulated traumas and justified fears, I found on Avenida 5 de Outubro a competent, available, friendly, amazing, almost too good to be true dentist, assistant and receptionist.

I am aware that it is difficult to find all of this, along with professionalism, effective communication skills, common sense, and patience; however, here, as if by magic, the entire staff ensures a wonderful experience, from scheduling flexibility to treatment effectiveness, without pain, without doubts, without keeping track of the time, and with complete openness, humanism, care, and empathy.

I'm beginning to think that one day I'll be able to schedule regular appointments (or treatments) at the dentist without experiencing any fear or worry. If that occurs, I'm confident it will be due to these individuals; in that case, Dr. Pedro, Verónica, and Joana deserve all the awards in the world. 🙂

Side note: Netflix, Spotify, SMS reminders 48 hours before appointments, direct contact from Dr. Pedro for emergencies or needs at any time... all the extras we probably don't even think about are here.

For those who already have good experiences with the dentist, what Dr. Pedro Garrido de Figueiredo's Dental Clinic brings are the little luxuries and the well-equipped hands (and heads) of the best professionals in this field that I've ever encountered."

Cíntia Pereira

"I am British living in Lisbon for some years now.
I have recently completed a significant course of treatment with Dr Figueiredo and can report I am very satisfied.
His practice is small and the service very personal and friendly.
He is up to date with current technology and practices.
Good results and I believe of high quality.
Felt safe and very pleased with result."

Ron Beveridge

"Highly professional. Great facilities, ensure good follow-up. Genuinely concerned about our well-being.
Treatment options always well explained.
I recommend for the whole family."

Bernardo Cavaleiro

"Exceptional and awesome Dentist!!!

I was on holiday in this beautiful city (Lisbon) when I started feeling a strong pain in my teeth, I was desperate for the pain, so I started looking for a dentist, and I was very lucky to find Dr Pedro and his staff, really professional and exceptional, they taken my case urgently, explaining exactly the work to be done and solving it promptly, and so I could finish my holidays… A big thank you to Dr. Pedro you are awesome!!!!"

Maurizio Bozzuto

"Dr. Pedro's dental practice recommendation was like winning the lottery! I gained confidence, self-esteem and an even greater desire to smile. Dr. Pedro and his team don't just focus on dental treatment, but on the person as a whole, and that gives us a huge boost of confidence!"

Thank you Dr. Pedro for your ability to make me laugh 😉 and for your comforting words! Thank you Verónica, Joana for your good mood and friendliness!"

Filomena Livramento

"Professionalism, friendliness, availability. I highly recommend. The whole family (kids and adults) comes here!"


"Dr. Pedro Garrido de Figueiredo is not only an amazing professional (as my teeth can attest), he is also extremely attentive and friendly. The clinic has the best diagnostic and treatment tools, and all the comfort (Netflix and chill)."

João Remondes

"Dr. Pedro is a very friendly, competent and dedicated professional. Facing a delicate situation, an occlusion problem, Dr. Pedro had the patience, understanding and skill to carry out an excellent job. He is an excellent professional that I recommend to anyone who wants to meet a reliable dentist. Thank you."

Vera HS

"I am very satisfied with Dr. Pedro's work. He explains the procedures and all doubts to us, making me very comfortable and "fearless." I have already recommended him to several friends and I will not hesitate to recommend him again."

Ana Costa

"Amazing dental work, very friendly (English speaking) staff, and an extremely clean and modern office makes Dr. Pedro Garrido de Figueiredo’s clinic the obvious choice for anyone visiting Lisbon!

Like others here, I found the office as a result of a dental emergency while on a very short visit to Lisbon. Dr. Garrido de Figueiredo was able to fit me into his schedule the very same day I made contact.

I was especially appreciative of how friendly Dr. Garrido de Figueiredo and his staff were. I would have loved to have been able to converse more, had I been capable of speaking!

This was the first time I’ve ever actually had an enjoyable experience at a dentist’s office, and I cannot thank them nor recommend them highly enough for their excellent care!"

Aaron Gusse

"After a long time of going from pillar to post and having catastrophic experiences, I finally found my way home...

At home is how I feel at Dr. Pedro Garrido Figueiredo's clinic.

From Joana's reception to Dr. Pedro's treatment with the help of his precious assistant Verónica, everything is perfect.

They are a team truly focused on the person and not just another tooth like, unfortunately, is becoming increasingly common in these clinics that are more like an industry.

Better than being treated, is being taken care of and that is what they do in this clinic that I highly recommend.

There are not many like this.

Thank you very much."

Margarida Guia

"They are all fantastic! Their kindness, dedication, and professionalism are an inspiration! In my case, I am living in Frankfurt, Germany, and I come on purpose to the dentist in Lisbon, Dr. Pedro, because I know I am in good hands. Just two weeks ago I had a wisdom tooth removed and didn't feel a thing. It was perfect. Joana called me the next day to see how I was and Dr. Pedro made himself available for me to call him if I had any doubts. I've been going to Dr. Pedro since 2010 and he's the only dentist I will continue to go to. I highly recommend - because I am very picky and everyone at the clinic is super friendly and takes great care of patients."

Ana Sacadura

"I am very pleased with Dr. Pedro's work. He explains the procedures and answers all of my doubts, making me feel very comfortable and "without fear." I have already recommended him to several friends and I will not hesitate to recommend him again."

Ana Costa

"There are medical specialties in which I do not settle for anything less than complete expertise, skill, hygiene and reputation. Considering that Dental Care / Orthodontics are part of that restricted list, my choice and trust lie with Dr. Pedro Garrido de Figueiredo, who has been my dentist for over 12 years and where I go regularly and always feel well taken care of.

The experience, patient care, team, schedule availability, flexibility, quality of the materials and exceptional cleanliness set them apart.

I recommend!"

Estela Viegas

"Dr Pedro Figueiredo has been my dentist for the last 15 years. He is an extremely competent professional, keeping up to date with the new developments in dental medicine, and always achieving optimal results. He is very meticulous and efficient in his work, with a special care for the well-being of patients. Additionally, he is a very friendly and smiling person, which helps when doing those longer or more complicated treatments. I highly recommend him!"

Frederico Roldão

"Very friendly service. Without a doubt the only dentist I turn to, complete trust in Dr. Pedro, who is an example of friendliness and professionalism. I highly recommend."

Sara Dias

"Very good service, friendly! Careful explanation of all steps. Searching for the best treatment solution in a professional manner.
Thank you!"

Joana Barbado, aci

"I've been a patient for over 10 years, the priority is always to save our teeth. Unparalleled availability and professionalism. I went for the first time on recommendation and now my whole family is followed by Dr. Pedro.

I highly recommend it 100%."

Vera Leitão

"It was purely by coincidence, and in an emergency, that I arrived at Dr Pedro Garrido Figueiredo, but since that day I have nothing but good things to say. Careful and professional doctor who explains in detail the next step in treatment.

The whole team is fantastic, friendly and super available. The facilities are as tranquilizing and comfortable as possible, that we forget that it's a dentist's office.

If someone asks me for references for consultations with children, I also refer to Dr Pedro Garrido Figueiredo, after all, I have a daughter who asks me to go to the dentist!

In summary, 5 stars for adults and children."

Vanessa Farinha

"In addition to its friendly atmosphere, Dr. Pedro Garrido's clinic places a strong emphasis on punctuality and professionalism. I have only good things to say about all the professionals who work there. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for excellent care."

Pedro Milheiro

"For those who are scared to go to the dentist (like me!!), with the professionalism, dedication, comfort, and attention that all those who work in Dr. Pedro Figueiredo's office give us, I can be calm and confident every time I have to go there!!"

Catarina Oliveira

"Wonderful dentist, receptionist and assistant. Made me feel right at ease and explained all in great detail. I didn't even feel the needle going in! Highly recommended, I wish Dr. Garrido de Figuereido would be my dentist for life."

Sabrina Magrane

"Excellent professional, highly competent and with extreme care for patients! I have been a patient of Dr. Pedro Figueiredo for about 8 years and I couldn't be more happy. I recommended to relatives and colleagues and their opinions are totally in line with mine. Ideal for taking children. Surely it is where I will take my daughter as soon as she is old enough."

Mariana Macedo

"The clinic is excellent! Dr. Pedro solves all types of problems (without pain!) with perfection and rigor. I have already done several work, it turned out perfect (including implant).

All the professionals are excellent in coordination and teamwork. I have total confidence!

I recommend this clinic to all people who in some way feel 'terror'to the dentist, here they will feel safe."

Luisa Neves

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